SNDWAY Telescope laser rangefinders distance meter Digital 8X 900M Monocular

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SNDWAY Telescope laser rangefinders distance meter Digital 8X 900M Monocular

1, Measuring Distance/Speed/ Angle/ Height all in one device 

2, Built-in 3.7V 1000MAH Li-ion polymer batterySingle Measuring 30000 times after one time full charging,

3, Battery life: Charger-discharger 800 times



Model: SW-900A
Maximum Measuring Distance: 5 - 900M / 15 - 2500 Ft (1/2 mile)
Accuracy: ±1

Speed Meausre Accuracy: ±5kM/hour / 3Miles/Hr

Angle: ±60degree
Magnification: 8X
Unit Selection: M, Y
Wave Length: 905nm
Objective Lens Diameter: 25mm
Eyepiece Aperture: 16mm
Exit Puil: 3.8mm
Adjustable Diopter Range: 3 degree
Laser Wave Length: 905nm
Operating Temperature: -20-50 degree
FOV: 7 degree
Function: Ranging, Altimeter, Angle Measurement Machine
Power Supply:
1000MAH Li-ion polymer battery


Maximum capacity building measure in light of the standard.
Weather target size, surface shape may have an impact on the maximum range.
Range finder binoculars is a portable laser rangefinder binoculars plus optical instruments.
A combination of telescope laser ranging capabilities.
Has high accuracy, short time Distance measurement from visual display power consumption and automatic power-off and other advantages.
Packaging Details:
Product Size: 104x72x41mm   / 4x2.8x1.6in
Product Weight: 185g / 6.5oz


Packet Content:

1 pc master bag

1 pc holding rope

1 pc cleaning cloth(camera lens)

1 pc manual

1 gift box

1 1000MAH lithium battery